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5 minutes to distinguish the DC cable and AC cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 19,2021

5 minutes to distinguish the DC cable and AC cable

DC cable and AC cable both are very common used and popular electrical cable, in particular 4mm dc cable. But when we start a big project with needing lots of cables, how to distinguish the difference between DC cable and AC cable and finally how can we purchase the satisfactory cable we want really? This article maybe could help you a lot. Here there are 3 critical concepts needed be recognized firstly. We need know exactly what DC and AC really is and what cable is.



DC or AC

DC mean direct current and called steady current without any change,this is a kind of current scientist found at the earliest, it is DC that unveil the revolution of electrical world.AC is more complex than AC, because DC will change constantly.As we can see on Wikipedia, DC current are defined by below;The voltage and current whose magnitude and direction change regularly from time to time are called alternating current, also known as alternating current.Sinusoidal alternating current is voltage and current that change over time as a sinusoidal function.  Since the magnitude and direction of the alternating current are constantly changing with time, that is, the voltage (electromotive force) and current value are different from moment to moment, it is necessary to indicate its positive direction when analyzing and calculating the ac circuit.  


Differences between DC cable and AC cable

In general there are 6 differences between DC cable and AC cable, once you carefully focus on it, it is not difficult for you whatever you are a professional buyer or ordinary consumer.

  • The systems used are different. DC output cables are used in the dc power transmission system after rectification.AC cables are often used in the power system with power frequency.
  • The efficiency of DC output cable is more high compared to AC cable.Because DC output cable undertake the DC with fewer leak of energy.
  • Even if DC in the DC output cable can’t not be used finally in many cases,we need match rectifier to change the DC to AC that we can use in our household appliance,however compared to transformer needed in AC cable,the cost of using DC output cable is much smaller than AC cable.DC output cable is positive and negative poles, simple structure;AC cable is three-phase four-wire or five-wire system, which has high insulation safety requirements and complex structure. The cable cost is more than three times that of DC output cable.
  • Compared with AC cable, DC output cable has less power loss during transmission.  The power loss of the DC output cable is mainly the dc resistance loss of the conductor, and the insulation loss is small (it depends on the current fluctuation after rectification).  The AC resistance of low-voltage AC cable is slightly larger than that of dc in the DC output cable, while that of high-voltage cable is obvious, mainly because of proximity effect and skin effect. The loss of insulation resistance accounts for a larger proportion, mainly the impedance generated by capacitance and inductance.
  • While we use DC output cable, it’s more safer than using AC cable.Because DC output cable has more excellent insulation performance and has much smaller the loss of electrical energy.

JZD SAA Australia Certificated XLPE Insulation DC Cable

If we can replace DC output cable with AC cable?

If we replace those 2 cable each other? Sometime it is ok, however it depends on the specific situation.Actually there aren’t much essential differences between DC output cable and AC cable.Usually they both are made from pure copper or aluminum and PVC or XLPE insulation.When we apply DC output cable and AC cable to our industries or other building area, the critical factor we really consider is rated voltage and rated current.For example,now we have 2 cable,one is DC output cable with rated voltage 20V and rated current 3A.Another is AC cable,rated voltage and current respectively are 2KV and 100A.Can we replace AC cable with DC cable?The answer apparently is negative,otherwise it will cause heavy damage,even will destroy the whole circuit.So if we want replace AC cable with DC output cable,the rated voltage and current must be much bigger than AC rated voltage and current.

4mm DC Solar Cable

When we talk about the dc cable, 4mm dc solar cable could be one of the most typical cable. In the solar panel installation or photovoltaic system building, our customers usually will purchase the 4mm dc solar cable from us, because the size 4mm is most profitable, if use the 6mm or more bigger size, there will be waste. 

JZD wire&cable is a professional manufacturer expert in the DC cable, in particular 4mm solar dc cable development, for this kinds of dc cable, we have the TUV certification. Besides, we also have many kinds of power cables. Among our SAA certificated australia DC cable is top sale and welcome to contact us to obtain the DC output cables specification you want purchase here.


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