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5 Minutes That Will Make You Know Solar Cable Types

Published by Author: Joey Wan December 06,2021

In general, there are three types of solar cables used in a PV system which has been more and more popular all over the world in the background every country is struggling to decrease the use of coal energy. What's more DC solar cable plays a vital role in the whole photovoltaic system, to figure out the types of them is a very important task for a buyer or purchaser, the more you learn, the better solar PV wire you can purchase and at last hope than can help your business a lot.



DC solar cables

Maybe DC solar cable is the solar cable type we know best and 6mm solar cable belong to the most common size according the enormous sale statistic we made by ourselves. Usually when our customer get the dc solar cable (packed to 100 meters per roll) we offer, they will cut off it to a certain length and later they will add the terminal and use it to connect the solar panel according to the solar panel farm require. 


solar DC main cables

How about solar DC main cables? In general when we have a generator and a solar pv inverter together, we need connect them tightly, in that time, solar DC main cables is used to connect and come being a complete circuit. Usually 10 gauge single core solar dc main cable is very typical size when we need connect generator and a solar pv inverter together, sometimes we also use the 2 core solar dc main cable, however considering the cost and actual installation condition, 2 core dc main cables are less adopted by our customers, for example our customers from Australia preferred purchasing the single core compared to the 2 core solar dc main cable, because that can be more suitable for their application situation.


solar AC connection cables

Solar AC connection cables belong to the solar pv wire maybe we are not familiar with compared to the DC solar cable, actually solar AC connection cables are used to connect the solar pv inverter with the power grid, we know the electrical power generated by solar pv inverter belong to DC, on the contrary, the AC are more suitable for long distance electrical transmission in the power grid and we need notice that there are 2 different situations for solar AC connection cables. In general the solar pv inverter will adopt the 3-pharse connection method, where we should use the 5 core solar AC connection cables and we need know those 5 core wires have their different function, include 3 wires are designed to transfer the electrical power, another is for ground protection function, the last is for the natural function; When we met with the single phrase, the 3 core solar AC cable is enough, we can save more and accomplish the equal efficiency. 



Differences between solar PV wire and normal cable

In general the conductor PVC sheathed normal cable use is consistent with photovoltaic cable, the differences happen in the insulation materials. Usually the manufacturer will use the XLPE or XLPO material compared to PVC insulation used in the PVC insulated normal cable, benefit from the excellent properties of solar PV wire has, compared to the normal cable, solar PV wire has lots of advantages which helps the photovoltaic wire couldn't be replaced by the normal cables in the PV generating system in the solar panel farm.

Advantages of photovoltaic power cable: high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, acid, alkali and salt resistance, uv resistance, flame retardant, environmental protection, photovoltaic power cable is mainly used in harsh climate, service life of more than 25 years.  

DC solar cable selection for your solar panel

In general different manufacturer or supplier may provide different quality solar pv wire, because different manufacturer may has different understanding to the standard. As we know, the common standard general photovoltaic wire has got to meet with is IEC 60228 in which there are lots of specific require for the manufacture of different solar cable type. TUV certification usually is regarded as the most reliable certificate in the dc solar cable industry, in general when a manufacturer or supplier send the samples to the TUV laboratory, there are lots of testing items are pending to do on the solar pv wire, such as cross section, conductor construction, outer diameters, resistance maximum and current carrying capacity. Intend to purchase the JZD cable, you will have lots of advantages, for example the 6mm dc cable we manufactured exported to the Australia and the price is less than 10 percent to the general product in the market.


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