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1.5 mm², 2.5 mm² How many watts can a wire carry?

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 13,2021

In the wire installation, generally the pvc single core wire or cable has 1.5mm² ,2.5mm² and so on. Many peoples in the decoration of wires are not very clear how to choose the square of wires, do not know how many watts of electrical appliances can match how many square wires. If the square of wires is not selected correctly, then electrical appliances will appear safety risks. You need to choose the appropriate square of wires according to the electrical condition.



Watts of capacity

  • How many watts can a 1.5mm² wire load?

When the pvc single core wire or cable is a copper core, the first is that the maximum allowable working current for open wire installation is 20A, or 440 watts;

The second is concealed steel pipe laying, the current is 16A, and the power is 3,520 watts;

and the third is concealed installation of pvc tube, the current is 14A, then the power is 3000 watts.



  • How many watts can a 2.5mm² wire load?

Copper wire 2.5 square millimeters 16 A~25 A about 5500 watts,

Aluminium core wire 2.5 mm2 13 A~20 A approximately 4400 watts,

220VAC voltage for a long time not more than 10 A the most standard time is not more than 15 A safe.

In the selection of pvc single core cable and wire square, look at the number of watts of electrical appliances to select the appropriate number of wire square, so that the use of electrical appliances is not easy to appear safety problems, but also can save wire money. When decorating the electric wire, the wiring way is also a big problem that the people considers, the reasonable choice wiring way, it is not easy to appear the problem.

PVC single core cable selection

If you are a buyer or purchaser, you need remember those 2 items when you are going to have a PVC single core cable or wire procurement. Firstly you need know the PVC insulation very much, because the pvc insulation materials decide on how the pvc single core cable or wire resist the high temperature or ultraviolet outside, usually you should refuse accepting the recyclable pvc materials; On the other hand, copper conductor is also another factor you need concentrate on, now the copper price has been more highly and you need reject the CCA(copper clad aluminum), because the aluminum is very easy being oxidative during the air and will influence the efficiency of transferring the electrical power.


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