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4 AWG THHN Wire With CBCA Certification Shipped to Zimbabwe - JZD Cable Supplier

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 19,2021

In order to ensure products in Zimbabwe are safe and qualified for consumers and protect local manufacturers from unfair competition. The Zimbabwean government launched a product certification program in early 2015. After nearly half a year of deliberation, the government issued an announcement stating that Zimbabwe’s CBCA certification will It was officially implemented on May 16, 2015. Products without a VOC certificate will not be allowed to enter customs. Therefore, Many products exported to Zimbabwe require CBCA certification.JZD cable supplier is able to provide CBCA certification for our 4 awg thhn wire.



Preparation Work for Applying Certification

The CBCA Certification involves product categories including food and agricultural products, construction and civil engineering materials, electrical and electronic products, skincare products, engineering equipment, machinery Equipment, toys, etc, of course our 4 awg thhn wire also is included. Many customers from Zimbabwe who purchase wire and cable products will also know whether cable suppliers can provide CBCA certification, especially the thhn wire is common used in the commercial and household building industry, the 4 awg thhn wire is more hot sale compared to other THHN wire. However for many suppliers or manufacturer, to apply for the certification is not an easy task. The cable supplier is necessary to understand and produce the standard specifications of local cables, or the quality of the products must meet the inspection standards and many other things.

Currently, China is Zimbabwe's second-largest trading partner and the main market for our JZD cable supplier. For better cooperation, we have successfully obtained the CBCA Certification. Before starting to getting to the specific process for applying the CBCA certification, maybe we could introduce the Bureau Veritas a lot for you.



Bureau Veritas is one of most powerful company focus on test, inspection and certification with nearly 200 years history. In the business Bureau Veritas own, the certification business provides the about 7% revenue. In majority of countries all over the world, the government and buyer admit this trustful bureau very much, of course sometimes it is not easy for manufacturer or supplier to apply for the certification published by Bureau Veritas. As for the 4 awg THHN wire we manufacture, there are lots of testing items and audit procedures.


The Procedures to apply for CBCA Certification

Now let us to introduce the applying procedures of CBCA Certification for our 4 awg thhn wire.

Step 1:Cable or Wire Supplier Apply for Certification

The cable supplier submitted a certification request to Bureau Veritas.

  • Prepare a list, the name, and price of the exported products,
  • Valid conformity documents (such as third-party certification, test reports, analysis reports, manufacturer certificates according to ISO 9001 or other quality standards)
  • Provide the product-related location and temporary validity date information for physical inspection before shipment (fill in the certification application form (RFC)).
  • Confirm Whether The Cable Supplier can Meet The CBCA Certification


Step 2: Document Review/Test/Evaluation

Bureau Veritas inspects all submitted information and conducts a comprehensive inspection in accordance with applicable international standards. Then Laboratory testing and analysis of our 4 awg thhn wire samples was conducted not long later, eventually our 4 awg thhn wire passed all the test conducted by Bureau Veritas. The product evaluation service is made for customs declaration purposes, point to help supplier export their product more smooth.


Step 3: Inspection 

Bureau Veritas need accomplish the following inspection items carefully before admitting your product officially.

  • The actual goods are consistent with the products mentioned in the document review.
  • The product is consistent with the description of its import/export documents.
  • Products must meet applicable standards, for our 4 awg thhn wire, the IEC60227 is the standard our product must meet with, otherwise the Bureau Veritas definitely will refuse our request for getting certification.
  • When necessary, Bureau Veritas inspectors will take samples for additional evaluation, for our 4 awg thhn wire, this procedure is obliged, because the thhn wire belong to dangerous product catalogue.


Step 4: Zimbabwe Certificate of Conformity (CBCA)
Bureau Veritas will review the inspection report based on the provided documents and adjust the evaluation if necessary. If the evaluation result is qualified, an electronic certificate of conformity will be issued.



Cable and Wire Selection

JZD cable supplier's 4 awg thhn wire has completed the five-steps inspections and successfully obtained the CBCA certification. 4 awg thhn wires are consist of nylon jacket, PVC insulation and copper conductor, mainly used as a kind of building cable, our thhn wire include 4 awg are hot sale in Africa countries and Latin American countries. Above attached is the shipping pictures we took at the delivery date and if you have any need on 4 awg thhn wire or other cable, such as the solar cable, silicone cable and flexible PVC cable all are available in our company, meanwhile welcome to contact us to obtain our offer, within 2 hours our service team can reply on you.


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