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Single Core Low Voltage Building Cable Certified by SAA

Published by Author: Joey Wan February 24,2022

low voltage copper building electrical wire we manufactured passed the saa application


The single core low voltage copper building electrical wire cable manufactured by JZD Cable has been hot sale since 2018, now finally we got the excited news. The sample sent to the accredited testing laboratory located in Ningbo accredited by Australian company SAA went through the test and acquired that significante certification. The initial issue date is 16th, February, 2022 and the expiry date is 16th, February, 2027.

Introduce to SAA approval company

When we open it's official website, we can recognize that it's  a third party certification body to issue certificates for electrical equipment that has proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard.

Moreover, it's accredited New South Wales Fair Trading as a Recognised External Approvals Scheme (REAS) and Queensland Electrical Safety Office as a Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS). 


low voltage copper building electrical wire we manufactured passed the saa application


Introduce to single core wire manufactured by us

We are a manufacturer focus on exporting our solar cable, orange circular cable, single core building wire to Australia and New Zealand. When we knew that single core building wire is a very important electrical wire from our customers,we pushed to apply for the certification.

The copper building wire we manufacture consist of PVC insulation and bare copper, rated voltage is 0.6/1KV, belong to common used low voltage building wire. In general, the black PVC insulation color more prefered by the wholesaler or trader and building contractor.

Benefit from our excellent quality control and fast deliver, more and more speciality building contractor and trader, or the wholesalers from Australia and New Zealand prefer to purchase from us, of course the price we offer always make them very satisfied.


low voltage copper building electrical wire we manufactured passed the saa application


Certication for expanding to bigger Australia market

When we decided to apply for the saa certification to our single core low voltage electrical wire, we intended to expand to more potential market in Australia. We always regard the building contractor and wholesalrs or the trader from Australia and New Zealand as our most important customer.

Welcome to contact us for the latest price of PVC insulated single core building electrical wire manufactured by JZD Cable, less than 2 hours, we will reply on your inquiry.

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