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JZD Solar Cable Passed The Test and Obtained TUV Certification

Published by admin November 25,2020

In mid-August, we sent single-core and dual-core solar cables to the TUV SUD certification organizations to apply for TUV certification. We ranged from 1x1.5mm2 to 1x95mm2,  2x1.5mm2 to 2x10mm2, these contain specifications that are often used in the market. in the market. Solar cables are tested according to IEC 62930 and EN50618 standards.

The organization inspects solar cables from four aspects: the characteristics, construction, test for halogen-free cable, and requirements for halogen-free insulation and sheath compounds.

1.The characteristics of solar cable mainly test whether conductor cross-sectional, outer dimension,the specification of wall thickness insulation, and sheath meet the standard. The upper ambient temperature must reach 90℃, the lower ambient temperature must reach -40℃, the maximum temperature at the conductor is 120℃. The material insulation and sheath are irradiation cross-linked polyolefins, halogen-free.

2.The construction mainly detects the conductor, insulation, and sheath, for example, whether the conductor tinned copper meets the system standards. After extrusion, the insulation and sheath remain smooth and consistently applied.

3.Test for halogen-free cable will conduct the electrical test, like under high voltage test, whether the cable will be broken down,the resistance of the cable at 20℃ in water, and 90℃ in oven and others. The constructional and dimensional test, damp heat test, sheath resistance against acid and alkaline solutions, compatibility test, cold impact test, bending and elongation at low temperature, elongation at low, Ozone resistance at the complete cable, weathering/UV resistance, smoke emission of complete cable test and other tests on influencing factors that will affect the service life of solar cables.

4.Finally, about requirements for halogen-free insulation and sheath compounds. This is a test for mechanical characteristics.



TUV certificate is the authoritative certification of photovoltaic cables. Our solar cable has successfully passed many tests of TUV certification organizations. The solar cables we provide to customers in many countries and regions have received good feedback. You can choose our cables with confidence, and we will provide a 12-month guarantee period.

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