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JZD Cable Manufacturer Passed The ISO9001

Published by Author: Joey Wan March 12,2021

ISO9001 does not refer to a standard, but the umbrella term for a group of standards. It regulates all processes in the company, involving all employees from the top management to the most basic level. JZD cable manufacturer has passed ISO9001 certification, which means our company reached international standards of various management systems and can provide customers with satisfactory qualified products.


In the process of applying for ISO9001 certification, the staff of the certification center came to our factory site. They strictly inspect in accordance with the requirements of the environmental labeling product safeguard measures guide and certification technical requirements. The inspection team is responsible for sampling and sealing the products of the company that applies for ISO9001 certification and sending samples to the designated inspection agency for inspection. The certification personnel then write a comprehensive evaluation report of environmental labeling products and submit it to the technical committee for review. Only after the certification center has been approved, will issue certificates to qualified companies.

JZD cable manufacturer is an enterprise with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. It has passed ISO9001 certification. In addition, our products have also passed TUV, SAA, CB, CE, and other product quality certifications.

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