100,000 meters XLPE Insulated Power Cable for Airport Project in Cambodia

Published by Author: Joey Wan February 18,2022


TOP3 xlpe insulated power cable manufacturer and supplier JZD Cable provided red and black electrical cables and wire for Cambodia's Phnom Penh Capital Airport, with a quantity of 100,000 meters, and these models are in the list of this large purchase project, they are 3 phase 2.5 mm power cable, 95 sq mm xlpe power cable, 300 sq mm xlpe power cable, 4 core xlpe insulated cable, single core xlpe cable.


Contact with customer

The customer found our website through Google search, contacted our salesman, and after 5 days, the customer confirmed the model and size of the xlpe insualted power cable sample. The sample work is completed quickly, thanks to the speed of DHL international express, customers receive our free samples soon.


Confirm of cable sample quality

The customer team personally completed the entire sample confirmation work in the laboratory. Because the airport project belongs to the national project, the quality require for building material including the xlpe insulated pvc sheathed cable is more strict. There are many inspection items involved, including the combustion test of PVC materials and the voltage and current detection of copper conductors and aluminum conductors.



5 video conference calls to confirm the specific procurement plan

Cable sample confirmation is only an important part of the entire procurement process. It involves international payment terms, deposit payment ratio, final balance payment time, transportation method, delivery time, whole finished pvc xlpe cable inspection. The fact that the pandemic has prevented us from discussing these details face-to-face really affects the efficiency and speed of the process.


Delivery 10 days in advance

Thanks to the integrity and robustness of our company's entire supply chain. In addition, the pvc insulated and sheathed cables selected by the customer this time belong to our company's core products, and there are no accidents in the whole production process. The third-party inspection team entrusted by the customer in China is responsible for the entire strict finished cable inspection.


5 star reviews from customers

Together with our customers, we have withstood this severe test and once again proved our ability to supply high-quality cables to high-quality building materials contractors all over the world.


Expect to solar cable project

After this pleasant and successful cooperation, the customer is considering purchasing our 8 awg and 12 awg solar cable . Now in Cambodia, photovoltaic power plants are supported by the government, and the need for 10 awg solar cable and 4mm twin core solar cable has been more and more huge. 

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