Low-voltage single core xlpe cable for Panguil Bay Bridge in Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan February 25,2022


Project Name: Panguil Bay Bridge Procurement Project


Cooperation Company: Power Group in Philippines


Purchased Products: low-voltage single core xlpe cable.


JZD Cable has built 3S safety cable production technology, and has many years of experience in exporting wires and cables to the Philippines, which can meet the high standards of low-voltage cable engineering. They have reached a long-term purchase of low-voltage cables, medium-voltage cables and other products with us. The relationship and safety quality have been highly recognized by the Power Group.


The Panguil Bay Bridge when completed will become the longest water-spanning bridge in the Philippines, surpassing the San Juanico Bridge.


JZD Cable has more than 12 professional R&D personnel, more than 20 sets of production and testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of more than $ 2,900,000.


Specializing in the manufacture of cu and al xlpe cable: royal cable wire, cables for electrical equipment, solar DC cables, THHN stranded cables and household building wires with more than 120 product models.


With years of safety research and development technology of wires and cables and strong brand strength, JZD Cable has won the long-term trust of domestic and foreign customers, and has become a cooperative brand of customers and large-scale engineering projects.


Please contact us if you are interested in our low voltage single core xlpe cable procurement program.



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