Shielded Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Network Patch Cord Cable Shipped to Korean Company

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 22,2020

Customer Background Introduce

We were very pleased that at the end of 2019, because we received an inquiry from South Korea’s NWC Group, belong to a big scale trading company, whose lan cable business ranked in TOP3 in Korea, in particular on shielded cat 6 ethernet cable and outdoor cat 6 ethernet cable. Miss. Serena was in charge of the project in which there were need for 2x40HQ containers best weatherproof ethernet cable.

Order Negotiation

When we met with such a vital inquiry, we knew that there was a strict require on the product quality and we prepared to overcome the difficulties maybe we would met with. In our early contact period, we learned that the customer needed Cat5e network patch cord cable and very long ethernet cable. After confirming the specific quantity and quotation, the customer asked us to send some Cat5e network patch cord cable and shielded cat 6 ethernet cable samples to her to check whether the quality can pass the Fluke test which is a very popular testing company in local Korea.

Approaching the Chinese Lunar New Year, our sale Miss.Vivian finally received a message from our customers that the Cat5e network patch cord cable and shielded cat 6 ethernet cable samples we sent were tested by Fluke and the quality completely was accord with their require. But because customers have special requirements for cat5e network patch cord cable and outdoor cat 6 ethernet cable, we improved the production process and sent the samples and waited for the later confirmation.

Shipped to Busan Port

Until 5 months later, we finally received an order worth 120,000 dollars from the customer. After the first batch of patch cord cables and best weatherproof ethernet cable were produced, the customer conducted a full inspection of our cables by themselves(they had the special persons who were responsible for the inspection before the shipment), and the results showed that the quality was very good. While the inspection finished, the very long ethernet cable and shielded cat 6 ethernet cable we manufactured loaded into 2x40HQ containers and shipped to the Busan Port. Beyond our expectation in the next few months, Miss.Serena decided to place another order for outdoor cat 6 ethernet cable from us. Up to now, it has reached a total of nearly 200,000 dollars.



Shielded cat 6 ethernet Cable Selection

JZD Cable can manufacture and supply shielded cat 6 ethernet cable as well as best weatherproof ethernet cable and they all belong to very long ethernet cable. We always uphold the patience and effective service to customers from all over the world. Always we will satisfy any reasonable request while we know it. We can not only give you products that the market needs, but also tailor-made products for you. In addition, we also manufacture and supply other wires and cables, for example solar cable, THHN wire and silicone cable.


Our customer South Korea’s NWC Group had decided to enter the THHN wire industry and considered to come China and visit our factory, although the pandemic effect, the journey couldn't be accomplished recently, there are potential cooperation chance on THHN wire each other.


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