Manufacturer JZD Cable Supplied Armoured Cable for Metro Line 6

Published by Author: Joey Wan June 21,2021

Project Summarization

  • The cooperation product: armoured power cable 4*25+1*16mm² and steel armoured cable 4*25mm²+1*16mm²
  • Project product volume: 4000 meters and 5000 meters
  • Project partner: Shenzhen Pengguang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Project name: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Passenger Dedicated Line ZH-4 Futian Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub Pipeline Relocation Project (street lights and supporting restoration project)
  • Engineering project renovation start time: 2016-01-18
  • Project renovation completion time: 2017-06-05

The details of the project: JZD Cable manufacturer and Shenzhen Pengguang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a long-term procurement contract for a series of products such as armoured power cable and steel armoured cable, and won a high degree of recognition by partners for professional services with product safety and quality as the standard.



Advantages of Armoured Power Cable JZD Manufacture

3 characteristics of amoured power cable and steel armoured cable that JZD Cable manufacture: 

  •  The maximum allowable working temperature of cable conductor: 90C during normal operation, 250C during short circuit (maximum short-circuit duration 5s).
  •  The minimum temperature of cable laying is 0°C, and the minimum bending radius during laying is: single-core cable 20(D+d)+5%, mm | multi-core cable 15(D+d) soil 5%, mm | type Middle: D-the actual outer diameter of the cable, mm | d-the actual outer diameter of the cable conductor, mm
  •  Executive standard: GB/T12706 or IEC60502 and relevant domestic and foreign standards. Such as: BS, VDE, JIS, AEIC, etc.

Steel Armoured Cable Selection

Now in the subway construction, more and more steel armoured cable has been used all over the world. Steel armoured cable also belongs to the armoured power cable, compared to the tape armoured cable, steel armoured cable has more advantages, if you are a buyer , steel armoured cable can help you a lot.

JZD Cable manufacturer insists on surviving by quality, and its products have successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, national industrial product production license, the company has a skilled professional team, modern production equipment, with technical capabilities and sophisticated testing equipment, raw materials, production processes, and finished products are strictly tested in accordance with national standards. It is an electric cable manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production and sales of wires and cables.


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