SAA Approved Low Voltage Power Cable for Blackrock Camp in Fiji

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 24,2020

On July, 2019, JZD Wire&Cable shipped 3 kinds of low voltage power cable including 0.6/1KV single-core, 2 core +earth 10 gauge low voltage wire and 4 core + earth power cable for Blackrock Camp in Fiji. The total quantites reached at 3x40HQ containers, we were happy for such a smooth collaboration each other and looking forward to having the next cooperation chance in the short time and hope our product can help our customers earn more money.


Customer Backgroud Introduce

Blackstone Camp is a government military defense project in Fiji, mainly worked by CC Pines, an Australian construction company. The projects will deliver a parade ground, a rugby field, and extensive roads and supporting infrastructure, and 17 new buildings.

Order Negotiation

The purchase from CC Pines obtained our contact information through our Alibaba website and sent us an email. He mainly wanted to find a supplier whose power cable was SAA certified.

At that time, our power cable did not have SAA certification, but we have confidence in the product. If the customer needs, we can immediately make samples of Australia standard power cable and send it to the agency for verification. I believe we can get it in a month and a half. In order to show their sincerity, customers also paid us some deposits. We provide single-core, 2 core+earth, 3 core +earth, 4 core+earth power cables that the specification is from small to large to institutions for certification.



Production and Shipment

After a month and a half, we successfully obtained the SAA certification, and the customer officially placed an order for us, which was a 40-foot cabinet of power cable. Knowing that the customer urgently needs to use these cables, we completed those cables in 7 days. In order to ensure the product, the customer deliberately asked Alibaba’s SGS certification agency to inspect their goods in our factory. After passing the inspection, we will pack the goods for shipment.



Customers expressed that they are very satisfied with our service, delivery time, and product quality, and are willing to continue to cooperate with us in the next project, and are willing to introduce more construction companies to us. You can choose our company with confidence, we will try our best to meet the requirements of every customer.

Low Voltage Power Cable Selection

Low voltage power cable plays a vital role in the whole power cable industry. 12 gauge low voltage wire belong to low voltage power cable and has been more and more popular recently and we have been receiving lots of inquiries from many countries, such as Australia, Fiji, New Zealands and Israel and so on. JZD Wire&Cable provides low voltage power cable including 12 gauge low voltage wire with good quality PVC insulation and class 5 bare copper, welcome to contact us for more information.


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