Thailand clients buy twisted pair cables 5 times

Published by admin December 04,2020

A Thailand customer added my WeChat in April. Ask me if I have any twisted pair cables for sale.

After offer the price to her, she directly asked his Chinese agent to pay me RMB. A week later she received the twisted pair cables and gave me very good feedback.

She said that it was the first time to buy such a good twisted pair cables in China for so many years. Will order a lot again and ask me if I use pure copper? I answered yes.

The twisted-pair wire she bought before took a long time to solder, and our wires are easy.

She was very satisfied with our quality, so she ordered 5 times twisted pairs from us. We are very happy to cooperate.

Every time she buys twisted pair cables, she says she can’t wait to pay me. Because the quality of our twisted pair cables are very good.