Thailand Clients Purchased RVS Cable Twisted Pair Cables 5 Times

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 07,2020

A Thailand customer added the WeChat of our sale manager Miss.Vivian in April, 2019. Asked her if our company could provide any RVS cable twisted pair cables for sale. Because she had a very big project and was very eager to purchase those products. She had contacted with 5 manufacturer and suppliers, however didn't find any reliable manufacturers.

Order Negotiation

After quoting the price to her, she directly asked his Chinese agent to pay me RMB. A week later she received the RVS cable twisted pair cables and gave me very good feedback.

She said that it was the first time to buy such a good RVS cable twisted pair cables in China in recent 10 years and will order a lot again and ask me if I use pure copper? I answered yes and we use the class 5 bare copper.

The twisted-pair wire she bought before took a long time to solder, and our wires are easy. However we understood the customer very well and finally we got the trust and built the long business relationship.



Customer Feedback

Our customer was very satisfied with our quality and also was very content to our whole service. Later she ordered 5 times twisted pairs from us. We were very happy to cooperate with her in the future.

Every time she buys twisted pair cables, she says she can’t wait to pay me. Because the quality of our twisted pair cables are very good.

RVS Cable Selection

Compared to RVV cable, the RVS is less popular and has a particular application fields, such as used in fire alarm system and other appliances industry. JZD Wire&Cable provided the RVS cable and other twisted pair fire alarm cable for 10 customers from The Philippines, Australia and Israel. In addition, we also sell the solar cable, thhn wire and flexible multi core cable.


Extension Information

What should we do if the flexible cable has lumps?

How do find out where the wire and cable breakpoint is?


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