40GP Orange Circular Cable Figure 8 Wire Shipped to Papua New Guinea

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 27,2021

On 26th, November, 3x40GP orange circular cable and figure 8 wire were shipped to Papua New Guinea smoothly. JZD Wire&Cable is improving the ability to promote it's wire and cable to overseas market.

Perhaps many of you are not familiar to this country, so it is necessary to give you a brief introduction. Papua New Guinea is located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean and is very close to Australia. The capital of this country is Port Moresby, with rich tourism resources, including the beach in Port Moresby, it is very beautiful, in some way which can be compared with the Gold Coast of France.



Receiving the inquiry from customer

Prior to this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, the distributor Mr.Joey from Papua New Guinea sent us an inquiry on our website, in the message we just knew he is looking for wire and cable, however did not know the what is the specific specification. According to the deeper negotiation between Mr.Joey and our sale Miss.Maggie,we knew the wires and cables our customer was looking for were orange circular cable, , ethernet CAT6 wire, heavy duty cable, ordinary duty cable and aerial cable, figure 8 wire.

Understanding the needs of customer

Our sale learned from the communication with the customer Mr.Joey that Papua New Guinea is in the tropics due to environmental requirements, and in general buyers or distributor will prefer to looking for wires and cables of better quality. Therefore, he was looking for orange circular cable, figure 8 wire with SAA certification, which is an Australian certification.  As mentioned above, Papua New Guinea is located near Australia, so his country followed this standard from 2018 year, by coincidence we already have 4 Australian customers and we have shipped 10x40HQ containers our Flat Cable to Australia and our factory got the SAA certificate in April, 2021 year.  

Completing the order  

Once China's National Day Celebration Holiday finished, our sale Miss Maggie continued the business chat with Mr.Joey, On 11th,October our customer decided to order orange circular cable, figure 8 wire, ethernet CAT6 wire, heavy duty cable, ordinary duty cable and aerial cable from our company and the trade term is the FOB price for this batch of order. However later we knew the Mr.Joey has searched for a number of wire and cable manufacturer for providing the orange circular cable, figure 8 wire and other cables, even including Vietnam factory, they did a lot of careful evaluation and the comparison of price and quality, at last ultimately Mr. Joey chose us.  

Our customer paid 30% of the payment for goods, although the deliver time was very emerging, but we still were very happy and excited. Benefit from our excellent production ability, November 21, finally our workshop finished this batch of orange circular cable, figure 8 wire completely, Miss.Maggie contacted customer in advance. Mr. Joey requested the SGS company to help the inspection before shipment, finally we pass that strict inspection procedure without any problem perfectly.



Introduce to orange circular cable

orange circular cable belong to power cable, mainly used in XLPE insulation and PVC sheath. Benefit from the thermoplastic polymer property the PVC has and we use the best quality PVC materials, our orange circular cable can protect the copper conductor inside cable from damaged by extremely badly environment condition.

  • Max. admissible operating temperature of conductor: 90℃ during normal operation, 250℃ during short circuit (5s Max).  
  •  The minimum temperature of cable laying is 0℃, and the minimum bending radius is:  
  • Single core cable 20(D+ D)±5%, mm  
  • Multi-core cable 15(D+ D)±5%, mm  

Additional Explaination: 

D -- actual outer diameter of cable, mm  

d -- Actual outer diameter of cable conductor, mm  

Introduce to figure 8 wire

Figure 8 wire also is the UL1015 electronic wire.Figure 8 wire consist of tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, sometimes also called the hook-up wire, which is widely used in automotive, electronics, and so on. These kinds of wires are anti-wear, oil-proof, acid, and alkali resistant. 



Shipment delivery  

On the day of delivery, we first arranged three 40HQ containers trucks to transport the orange circular cable, figure 8 wire and other cables to Shekou port in Shenzhen, and then loaded them on a large ship. After a week, the ship would transport these orange circular cable, figure 8 wire and other cables and other cables to Papua New Guinea.  

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