2x40 HQ containers trailer cable wires shipped to Australia

Published by Author: Joey Wan December 20,2021

On 17th, December,  2x40 HQ containers trailer cable wires including 690 rolls of 14 gauge trailer wire and 590 rolls of heavy duty trailer cables, total amount approached to USD 23,0000 loaded and shipped to the Sydney, Australia.

Customer Background Introduce

Mr.Neil is a wholesaler with 7 stores in 3 cities in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. On 15th, September, Mr.Neil contacted us by our site and asked for the trailer cable wires and our Manager Miss.Maggie realized that we met with a very rare chance to expand to the Australia market which we have been struggling to enter to. The trailer cable wires our customer was searching for were 14 gauge trailer wires and heavy duty trailer cables which had been hot sale in Australia and the goods in his stores approached into being empty.


Order Negotiation 

Mr.Neil is a kind person and impressed us so much. He asked for the samples 14 gauge trailer wires 100 meters and heavy duty trailer cables 60 meters, we said yeah, what's more the samples were free of charge. 3 days later, customer got the samples we sent and invited the authoritative company to help him inspect totally and no any accident our samples were highly quality. Further we have applied the SAA certification successfully, and as we all know, the SAA certification stand for the highest standard on the wires and cables, if a manufacturer has no SAA certification, on any buyer or wholesaler in Australia will purchase from China or elsewhere. Mr.Neil decided to order 2x40 HQ containers of trailer cable wires and paid the deposit soon.

Inspection and Shippment

When Miss.Maggie confirmed that the deposit was paid, the production order was prepared and sent to the production manager and benefit from our imported extrusion machine made in Japan and the strong supply chain ability including copper and pvc insulation materials. 4 days later, the production and the quality testing by ourself were finished and Miss.Maggie contacted the customer ahead for booking the container. Our customer authorized the SGS company in China to help the inspection before the shippment and we spent the whole days to pass the strict inspection process and we shipped the 690 rolls of 14 gauge trailer wire and 590 rolls of heavy duty trailer cables to our customers successfully.



Trailer Cable Wire Selection

Trailer cable wire including many kinds of size, JZD Cable manufacture 14 gauge trailer cable and heavy duty trailer cable also called as the orange circlur cable in Australia. Trailer cable wire has widely need on Australia, as we all know Australia belong to country with 4th largest landing square meters all the world and for majority of a Australia familes, the travel across whole Australia where lots of gorgeous scenes could be seen on the road has been a very common activity, so the trailer car has been hot sale in recent years and China manufacturer has been the one of most important supplier for the trailer in Australia, of course for trailer cable wire manufacturers also are prefered by lots of Australia purchasers or wholesalers.


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