1X20GP White 3 Core Flat 2.5mm Twin and Earth Cable Shipped to Belize

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 14,2022

1x20GP container flat 2.5mm white twin and earth loaded and shipped to the Belize on 28th, January, 2022 and expecting to recieve the good feedback from customer and repeat to order from us JZD Cable.

Confirming the price and quantity of BS6004 cable 6242Y 

Mr. Mark is the biggest wholesaler in Belize and he was searching for a reliable manufacturer to provide the BS6004 standard 6242y cable, moreover, he needed the customized size and insulation material. Finally he selected us JZD Cable and confirmed the quantity to us. Soon we quoted to him and deposit was confirmed 5 days later.



Production and inspection

We pushed to accomplish the production when the traditional chinese spring festival is comming soon. Customer chose the flat 2.5mm twin and earth and flat 4mm stranded 3 core twin and earth electrical cable and quantity is very large. Benefit from the advanced machine and rapid pvc material supply, we completed the whole production 4 days in advance.

Customer mandated the SGS company to inspect the finished customized 3 core flat white pvc twin and earth cable we manufactured and confirmed the quality was perfect and soon we shipped to customer 2 days later.



Expect for business expanding

When we knew Mr.Mark online the first time, we realize it was our chance our market to latin american and no any accident we has been obtaining the trust from our customer. Now we believe that our quality is perfect and we are looking forward to expand the business more largely, for example we also provide 4mm blue and grey t&e.




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