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  • Malaysia fair
    Sep 14, 2018
    Shenzhen JZD Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd Malaysia is a fast-growing country that evolved from the agricultural and natural commodities of the 1960s to today's export-driven economic model, high-tech, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries. Malaysia's manufacturing, construction and service industries are the three pillars supporting its economy. Wire and cable products are widely used in th...
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  • Introduction of our company-JZD
    Mar 24, 2019
    Shenzhen JZD Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd Our products are widely used in urban and rural power grid transformation, power engineering, transmission and distribution substation systems. Our customers are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia, products are widely used for consumer electronics, communications, medical, locomotives, new energy, petrochemicals, amusement equipment, automation control equip...
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